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As of May, 2019  - We have an alumni-owned home
80 S. Elm Street, Platteville WI 53818-3106
Independently acquired by members of PSA Properties, Inc.
a non-profit dedicated to the enrichment and residency needs of our undergraduate members and independent from the Alumni organization

Join the ownership team today!  All the men and women, spouses and decendents from the last century and a half of members are welcome


Click Paypal button to make a tax deductable donation to the House Improvement efforts - -this is a SEPARATE account, and a SEPARATE entity from formal Alumni Activity.

Questions? Contact the treasurer for PSA Properties at

Would you like to visit? Can't just drop in outside of Homecoming weekend; the house is locked-down - GDI's don't want you just dropping in and poking in their underwear drawer!  No problem, though - if you alert one the PSA Properties board a minimum of 24 hours in advance (contacts Below), they can likely arrange an active-escorted tour!

your 2023-24 PSA Properties  Board:


- Eric Voss

Pledged: 1989 - Beta Alpha

Graduated: 1994


- Robert Zeches

Pledged: Spring 1990 - Beta Beta

Graduated: 1994

eric voss


Text   920-494-9677 (CST)

Screenshot 2022-12-13 12.16_edited.jpg


Text   415-531-4880 (PST)


- Eric Rice

Pledged: Spring 2003 - Gamma Delta

Graduated: hope so

Eric Rice.webp


Text   262-313-7715  (CST)

Property Manager

- Nathan Huebner

aka "Shaggy"

Pledged: Fall 1999 - Beta Upsilon

Graduated: 2004, industrial technology management



Text   563-599-3471 (CST)


- Jeff Rank

Pledged: Fall 1987 - Alpha Phi

Graduated: May 1991



Text   830-255-7265 (CST)

House Project Fundraiser Letter

in a letter dated Sept 9 2021:

Dear fellow Phi Sig brothers and sisters,
PSA Properties gathered and have identified a list of projects (see attached, 2021 Project list) we need to tackle before the end of 2021. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to pay for the remaining four projects (see attached, Remaining Projects). To date we have collected $800.00 in donations. I would like to thank Tim Falkofske, Bob Benes, and Allen Giese for their donations. We do have verbal commitments from Jeni Stone and Jason Giesen. We need your help to achieve our goal. 
If you know you want to contribute, please move fast by going to the payment page on our website ( Leave a note stating what your contribution is for. You can also contact our Treasurer, Jason Giesen at or (608) 213-9187. If you want more information on the house, where we are in the process or anything else, please feel free to contact our House Manager Jeni Stone at  for the estimates or project details and Jason Giesen for financial questions - all on the cc line of this email. 
Lastly, we have not finalized our list of contractors to work on these projects. Please submit your referral to PSA Properties
by simply replying to the Board member listed on the cc line of this email. We are also looking for gently used appliances
(refrigerator and dishwasher) to donate to the house. 
Thank for your support, 
Jason Giesen
PSA Properties- Treasurer

Eric Voss House Repairs status letter June 15 2019

in a letter dated May 28 2019:
"Dear members of PSA Properties,

We successfully closed on the house yesterday [sic]. We could not have done this without each and every one of you, so on behalf of all Phi Sigs - thank you for your generous support!

Our work is not done though, in fact in many ways it is just beginning. We’ve got two renters already, both are Phi Sig actives, but we need more. Eric Voss is taking the lead in cleaning up the house with some painting, minor repairs, etc. so we can show it to potential renters. (Lipstick on a pig, as Eric would say). We also barely raised enough money for the down payment so we’re still in fundraising mode to cover the painting and repairs, mortgage payments over the summer, etc. Tim Steinhauer, our alumni president, is kicking it into high gear to lead this fundraising effort from our alumni at large. It is our hope that now that we’ve closed, the fence-sitters who were skeptical will come out of the woodwork to support the cause. We will keep you all updated on the progress on these two fronts. 

If you want more information about the final details on the house purchase please direct your questions to Jason Giesen or Eric Voss (cc’ed on this email) as they were the most involved in the transaction and have all the information. 

Again, thank you for your efforts - we pulled something off that we’ve been trying to do since I was an active in the 80s and probably going further back than that. With the quality of actives that we have right now and soon a house they can move into and hang their letters on for the first time in many years, I think this begins a new great chapter for the Phi Sigs. 

I hope to see you all at Homecoming this fall where we can all celebrate this milestone together.

Bob Zeches
(Beta Beta)"

Did it need some TLC?  Virtually all of this is already addressed:

Reach out to Properties investment manager and President of PSA Properties, Inc. to help;

or to invest in PSA Properties, Inc. and general financial donations to
~~Note for investment - All Phillies, registered Alumni, and select GDI's are eligible
watch Eric Rice's 2019 walk thru here:

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