Missing contacts:

Bad emails: This is a list of emails once used to communicate with alumni - -do you recognize anyone here?  do you have updated contact information?  (in no particular order)

J Haskell

Barb Seeger Dorff 

stanley piepenburg


Michael Ryan 

K Carpernter

LJ Smith

Brian Ellig

Paul Jelle

CW Wentzel

Mark Johnson 

D Hammond


Craig Kasten 

Cliff Klenke

David Eversoll



fredleverentz@*********** – Requested to not

be contacted

Steven Gregory 

Scott Gruenenfelder 

Haley M Hurst 


Roger Moon

Andy Augustine

Voting ALUMNI 

Below is the most recent alumni contact information.  If your info is incorrect, let us know!  If you see one that is incorrect or if you know of anyone that is missing, let us know: click here


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Baumgartner, Scott   -   scott <at> honeyjug.com

Belanger, Rick   -   rickbelanger <at> live.com

Bickle, David   -   david.b.bickle <at> gmail.com

Cerqua, Jon   -   joncerqua <at> yahoo.com

Duwe, Todd   -   todd.duwe <at> gmail.com

Felthous, Anthony    -   krushgroove1 <at> hotmail.com

Giesen, Jason   -   giesen_blatz <at> yahoo.com

Hallisy, Mark   -   dlippy1 <at> gmail.com

Heller, Jeff   -   hellerj1 <at> comcast.net

Hinz, Kyle   -   kylehinz <at> ameritech.net

Huebner, Nathan   -   huebnernathan <at> yahoo.com

Kelly, Dylan   -   dkellywyo <at> yahoo.com

Lightner, Bob   -   robertlightner <at> yahoo.com

Manuel, Pat   -   mjean153 <at> aol.com

Murray, Aaron   -   aaronmurray27 <at> gmail.com

Pflieger, Hans   -   hpflieger <at> yahoo.com

Randow, Tracy (Eggers)   -   tracy.randow <at> yahoo.com

Rank, Jeff   -   Jeff.l.rank <at> gmail

Rice, Eric   -   ericcrice <at> gmail.com

Rod, Paul   -   p.rad.94.pr <at> gmail.com

Schumacher, Aaron   -   aaron.w.schumacher <at> gmail.com

Steinhauer, Tim   -   timsteinhauer78 <at> gmail.com

Stone, Jeni   -   jenijs <at> yahoo.com

Voss, Eric    -   ericv3742 <at> gmail.com

Wojciehowski,Mitchell   -   mitwojo <at> gmail.com

Yancy, Jason    -   yancy <at> wi.rr.com

Zeches, Bob   -   robert <at> zeches.net

Michael, Ryan - mjr <at> csinc-wi.com

Koren, Tom - tom<at> rustydogcoffee.com

Rod, Ryan - r.joseph.rod<at> gmail.com