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NEXT EVENT - 2022 Homecoming!

The Phi Sigma actives are hosting an Alumni social on Homecoming, Oct. 15th at the Phi Sigma house. All Alumni and actives were invited. Please RSVP to the Alumni president Paul Rod by email at or by phone (815) 677-4634 if you plan on attending any future events.


The prelininary Agenda anticipated: 

Homecoming Parade 9am

Lunch 12:00

Alumni Meeting 2:00 pm.

PSA Meeting following Alumni Meeting.

Following discussions and debates about a new round of improvements for the property, a summary of pressing needs has been generated.  All Alumni that are participating in the housing development or have expressed an interest in the details and are willing to contribute to the improvements should have received a message from Mr. Eric Rice on behalf of the PSA Properties Alumni Board.  Contact Eric via the email link provided should you desire to be kept in the loop.
July 2021: Summer Socials and a "Retirement" of our Favorite "ROCKSTAR"/Daughter:
"I'm announcing that I will be stepping down as PSA House Manager and also from the PSA Board effective Homecoming 2021. Due to personal issues/concerns, I am unable to devote the time, attention, detail and organization that is needed in this position. 
It has been my privilege and honor to hold this position, actively work at the house, and lead many projects, work days/weekends, service calls, etc... these past 2 years. To work as a team with the PSA Board, the Alumni Board, the Phi Sig Alumni and getting to know/working with the current Actives has been a real pleasure. I will still help when I can with future projects and fund-raising events but it will be as a worker/contributor versus the leader. 
Thank you to everyone for all of your ideas, your physical labor, your monetary/supplies support, and your team-work with work on the Phi Sig House and for supporting me in my position as PSA House Manager. There are a lot of good memories and a lot of progress on the house that has been made by all of us.
However, there is still much to do with the Phi Sig House and we need to fill the position of PSA House Manager to be the new leader of projects, to be a PSA Board Member and to be a liaison with the Active Phi Sig members and tenants. The PSA Board will send out an announcement soon on the process to apply for the position.


Thank you,


Jeni Stone

PSA House Manager

Phi Sig Phillie - Alpha Sigma '89

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