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B U L L E T I N   B O A R D
NEXT EVENT 2pm Saturday, July 22nd - Platteville Country Club Event ALL ARE WELCOME! 

Bring your kids, bring your spouses, invite that Sorority Girl that you still have drinks with on occasion...tell her to bring her kids & her second husband! Bring your neighbor, your oncologist, your vet. Our goal is 100 people playing 9 holes then participating in a social & buffet.

Details are still being fleshed out, but put this on your calendar today, and visit here for details.  RSVP your Vice President - Tim "Troll" Steinhauer - 


Tel_   608-469-3934

Hole sponsorships are available!!  Join us for the Buy a new roof & Furnace extravaganza! 

FALL EVENT - Homecoming October 7th; Join us for the "MARCH TO THE KICKOFF" old-timers parade from the house to the Pioneer Stadium;  Gather around noon for 1:30 Kickoff!!
Dec. 2022 - visit the Actives page for their latest newsletter; it is a must-read!

The Phi Sigma actives hosted an Alumni social on Homecoming, Oct. 15th 2022, at the Phi Sigma house. All Alumni and actives were invited.

The actives board for Spring Semster 2023:

President: Aiden Radunzel

Vice President: Jarid Stott

Secretary: Jameson Morgan

Treasurer: Mavrick Horacek

Business Manager: Aidan Holcomb

Sergeant-at-Arms: Colton Berg

House Manager: Sam Fraaza

additional contact information is available by request.



Hello Phi Sigma Brothers and Sisters,


It was great catching up with everyone at Homecoming and spending time with the great group of Actives we have on campus. Phi Sigma has been growing on campus and in the Platteville community. That means as an Alumni it is our duty to guide the Actives and pass down our history. With that said we are holding Elections for two Phi Sigma Alumni Officer positions and need your vote. Voting will be done through an online ballot with a few questions leading up to the main portion of the ballot where you will choose the next Treasurer and Secretary. The ballot will be open until November 12th and following that an announcement of who won. 


If you are an active Alumni member please cast your vote now. If you still need to pay your dues to be active you can do so through PayPal. To pay dues on PayPal click on the Send & Request at the top of the PayPal home page. Then enter a $50 payment to the following email If you have any questions contact Paul Rod (815-677-4634) or follow the how to instructions from PayPal Help page go to this link


Link to online ballot:


It was announced at Homecoming that Jason Gieson and Mark Hallisy will not be running for reelection. I am not sure what we will do without them and I would like to thank them for everything they have done for Phi Sigma. So the next time you see them be sure to give them a toast and give them a big thank you.


Hail the Ever growing throng

Phi Sigma true and loyal

Brothers as we March along

Toward that good so bright press onward

Though we face adversity wherever we may roam

There's always fair weather boys

When the Phi Sig boys come home


Palmam qui Meruit Ferat,

Paul Rod

Delta Alpha Fall 2015

Alumni President

Following discussions and debates about a new round of improvements for the property, a summary of pressing needs has been generated.  All Alumni that are participating in the housing development or have expressed an interest in the details and are willing to contribute to the improvements should have received a message from Mr. Eric Rice on behalf of the PSA Properties Alumni Board.  Contact Eric via the email link provided should you desire to be kept in the loop.
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