The Philadelphian Society

Work Weekend Friday, 5/29-Sunday, 5/31 was a success - -GET INVOLVED!!
Note on Work Weekend from Jeni Stone, PSA House Manager

Alpha Sigma Class, Fall 1989

"Hi everyone. We had a very successful May 2020 Work Weekend with projects around the Phi Sig House. Thank you to the Actives and Alumni who came and worked and thank you to those who couldn't come but sent well-wishes/support. Alumni Attendees: Derek Carpenter, Jason Giesen, Jeni Stone and Eric Voss. Active Attendees: Matt (Assistant Active House Manager), Hunter, Logan, Jackson, Sam, and Maverick. Active Little Phillie attendees: Sam and Jasmine along with their friend Annabelle.


Major Kudos to both Derek Carpenter & Jason Giesen. To Jason and his wife for donating a gently used washer and dryer to the house - much needed additions!! And to Jason for his help with multiple projects around the house. To Derek for all of his work on the roof (leak above room 6, some repair work on/around chimney, helping with leaks around vent tube from 3rd floor bathroom), bracing the front porch roof, reviewing room 4 in regards to an actives request to add a ceiling fan/overhead light, helping with buying additional paint, and guidance on additional electrical wiring in basement. Also Major Kudos to Eric Voss for replacing the kitchen faucet, repairing multiple doors (indoor garage, outdoor garage, house front) so they open/close easier, teaching the actives the trick to keeping the registers open during winter to help with heat distribution, etc... He and Jason also did a great job checking the condition of the windows, storm windows and screens around the house (including the spares/leftovers in the basement storage area) and creating a plan for future work on those items.


Major Kudos to Hunter and Matt for taking the lead on multiple projects including 2 major priority projects. Hunter painted and finished work on the kitchen bathroom including new fixtures. This bathroom was voted to be the Women's bathroom from now on. :) Matt and team (Sam M, Logan, Jasmine, Sam, Jackson, Hunter and Annabelle) applied 2 coats of primer and 1 coat of paint to cover the blue walls running from the first floor hallway up to 3rd floor. We still need to finish trim and ceilings, but it looks amazing!!


Various additional projects were completed around the house and worked on by multiple people. Once again, thank you so much for all of your ideas, hard-work, tenacity in completing projects, and your pro-active/positive attitudes. We accomplished a lot, and it was my pleasure and privilege to work with you. I'm looking at having a work-Saturday later this summer too. More details to come."

What is new in 2020? 
    - Free web hosting, now that we are certified as a non-profit
     - Ducts have been cleaned
     - Electrical updated
     - Property Taxes paid
     - Additional subletters in before Actives take over summer 2020
     - Two fund raisers completed at Badger football games this fall
     - Jeni Stone is a rockstar Alumni House manager
     - Retirement of Jason Geisen pending....
Looking for landscaping input:

Homecoming - 2019